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Why Friendicoes Advocates for Indoor House Cats


19 October 2023

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Why Friendicoes Advocates for Indoor House Cats

Friendicoes has always been vocal about compassion and care towards Cats, and the health and happiness of our feline friends is one of our main programs. Most cat owners feel a need to let their cats “roam” under the illusion cats love to be “free” and keeping them indoors would be harmful to their well being.


We, on the contrary always push for cats to be treated as indoor animals and here’s why – We feel that our cat companions are just not as safe outside as they should be …. the streets are filled with traffic and a tiny cat is hardly anyones priority. Getting hit and run on the roads is one of the main reasons we have to care for so many cats with snapped spines and terrible fractures and also is the main cause for the death of many loved pets.


We are all aware that even today most Indian families do not take kindly to a cat walking into their gardens and homes, superstitions abound and as yet cat lovers are few and far in between. So keeping a cat indoors will help you have better relationship with your neighbours and ensure someone doesn’t throw something at it or scare it out onto the streets. Searching for a lost pet is one of the most traumatic experiences for a pet owner and cats do get lost folks they are not always able to get back home as many owners think.


Once your pet cat goes out you cannot guarantee a dog wont grab it or a resident tomcat who is the boss cat of the area wont maul it. Once again we can only guide you on this because we find ourselves comforting many cat owners whose cats have suffered terrible injuries because of this. Very often the terrified pet cat runs away and the owners have to search for it desperately.


Last but not the least cats, especially those with a high prey drive, could significantly impact the numbers of local flora and fauna, raising concerns about preserving these species. By encouraging people to keep their cats indoors, we aim to promote harmonious coexistence between domesticated animals and the natural world to reduce the negative impact on the environment.


So why would we want to risk our cats health, safety and well being by making it an “outside cat”? The interesting thing is pet cats are quite content to spend their whole lives inside our homes’ safe and comfortable confines and a balcony or covered terrace is all they need to lazily bask in the sun. There are many different enrichments you could give your cat here and that will keep him / her quite occupied and exercised. Why not make this effort and create a safe and fun home for your pet cat?


Spending time in ‘the great outdoors’ presents our four-legged pals with potentially dangerous situations, including the risk of contracting diseases, and being subjected to harsh weather, so why not provide them with a secure haven, indoors, protecting them from any possible threats that may be found outside.


Indoor life is beneficial to the relationship that exists between cats and their human family. Developing a closer connection requires physical proximity, shared spaces, and an environment that can be controlled. According to us, indoor cats often spend more quality time with their owners, resulting in a stronger and more meaningful relationship between the two parties. Cats are observant and very keen to participate in all family activities and the family owning a cat may be surprised at their ability to have an enriched life indoors through made-up games inside the house, watching TV, climbing curtains and “ pouncing” on family members in mock attacks, playing hide & seek with feline partners, basking in the sun in enclosed alcoves, stalking pigeons from their window perch and engaging with various cat toys.


Many of us care too much about environment but it is easier to keep a cat happy & safe within the walls of our homes with little effort and engagement. Ofcourse we believe that two cats are always better company to each other and the best of playmates especially if you work long hours. So if you are looking to bring a feline friend home but are sure about your call maybe start with fostering for your local shelter.


The Friendicoes Sanctuary in Gurgaon has a Cattery full of gorgeous felines who are looking forward to being welcomed into your home. So drop in and find your feline soulmate to complete your family.