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Friendicoes needs your help, and there are many ways you can lend a hand to us to look after the animals under our care.
One of the best ways to help is by VOLUNTEERING YOUR TIME AND SERVICES.

What can you do? A lot actually!

You can volunteer to foster animals from the shelter. We cannot emphasize enough how important fostering is. It can make a difference of life and death since shelters can be high risk zones of infections. It can also save two lives at once. One of the dog/pup/kitten you have taken under your care, and second of the animal that we are able to accept at the shelter because of the space created. The minimum foster period we require is two weeks. The longer the better because moving an animal from home to home can be disorientating and confusing for the animal. We would like to point out here that fostering needs a string heart. You need to be able to stay a little detached from the animal you take under your wing else there can be a lot of heart break lying ahead for you. But it is all worth it at the end – because there is no greater satisfaction than in being able to contribute towards saving a life.

Another option for volunteers is shelter volunteering. This includes walking dogs, cleaning the cages, playing with the puppies & kittens and helping out in various other ways at the shelter. We always need help WALKING THE SHELTER DOGS in the evenings. We have over 100 dogs at any given time, apart from others animals and we would love if each one of them can go for a nice, long walk at least once a day. Most of these dogs have to be kept tied or confined to cages due to space constraint as well as for health reasons so a walk and some fresh air. If you can volunteer your time every evening, the dogs and the staff will be very thankful to you!

You can also volunteer your time by helping us in our ADOPTION PROGRAM. We need dedicated volunteers to speak with prospective adopters, meet them for pre-adoption house checks, and follow up on the adopted dogs/pups with post-adoption house checks. We also need help transporting dogs/pups from shelter to their forever homes, or from foster homes to their forever homes, or from foster to foster. But to be part of the ADOPTION TEAM you have to be a committed and consistent volunteer. Short time volunteers cannot be included in the adoption program.

FUNDRAISING is another way you can help us. You can organize fundraisers in your schools, colleges, offices, neighborhoods and help us collect funds.
You can also collect donations in kind – like rice, old newspapers, old linens etc. You may refer to our wish list for the same.

And for all of you who want to help but have very little spare time to contribute keep checking our Facebook/Twitter posts for event volunteers. This means one time volunteering opportunities at fundraising or PR events.

You can write to us at Volunteers.friendicoes@gmail.com, if you’d like to volunteer with us or have any questions related to the same.

We always need help walking the shelter dogs in the evenings Then you'll meet Finch. He was abandoned at the shelter, never found a home and now lives with us permanently Friendicoes encourages volunteers to participate in every kind of activity that directly or indirectly helps the animals If you're interested, we'd love to hear from you Volunteers are an integral part of the Friendicoes team If you're interested, we'd love to hear from you