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19 Oct

Why Friendicoes Advocates for Indoor House Cats

Friendicoes has always been vocal about compassion and care towards Cats, and the health and happiness of our feline friends is one of our main programs. Most cat owners feel a need to let their cats “roam” under the illusion cats love to be “free” and keeping them indoors would be harmful to their well […]


10 Oct

Why Cats can Make Better Pets for Young Professionals

In today’s fast-paced society, many young professionals must juggle their professional and personal obligations. Possessing a pet companion can be a fulfilling and rewardingowa experience for these individuals. While both cats and canines make outstanding companions, cats offer unique benefits that make them particularly suitable for the lifestyles of young professionals.   One of the […]


10 Oct

A Tale of Ancient Bonds!

Have you ever wondered why some people are prepared to fight for their street dogs and even get beaten up protecting a pet dog something they may not do for another human? And why a dog brings out the most emotional and passionate love in a human being? The bond between us and our dogs […]