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Why are you getting a pet?


09 June 2023

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Why are you getting a pet?

And more importantly, are you ready for all it entails?

The COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdowns that ensued saw the emergence of a new quarantine trend — pet adoption. Acting as life rafts for humans drowning in social isolation, this sudden surge in adoptions drove the pet population in India up to a staggering 32 million from 24 million in 2019 (Source: ET, India Times). However, soon after lockdowns were lifted and life was returning to some semblance of post-pandemic normalcy, shelters like ours became inundated with abandoned pets – the very same who were so enthusiastically given the illusion of a forever home. The most common excuse? People failed to consider that their post-pandemic lifestyles would not be conducive to a pet.

At Friendicoes, we are trying to tackle this issue of impulse adoption and pet abandonment by raising awareness and educating as many as we can on responsible pet parenting.

The initial idea of bringing home a pet is undoubtedly the most exciting for people. While it’s an experience that many eagerly look forward to – and rightfully so – the decision to adopt a pet, especially as a first-time pet parent, isn’t one to be taken lightly.

Before you consider introducing a fur baby to your family, you must be aware of the realities and responsibilities that come along with the commitment of pet parenthood. Ultimately, for the animal’s sake and your own, you need to make an informed decision for the right reasons and, more importantly, be prepared to stand firmly by that decision, come what may


Are there wrong reasons to get a pet?

Unfortunately, yes. It’s heartbreaking to see how often animals are adopted and soon after find themselves abandoned because their adopters simply didn’t anticipate the work it takes to care for them.

In some cases, ill-prepared families give in to endless pestering from their children and typically wind up with dogs and cats they are not equipped to look after. While the children are too young to be caregivers and only view the pet as a cute toy when the mood suits them, the parents are occupied with other responsibilities, leaving room for an unfairly neglected pet – a situation with adverse long-term health implications for that animal.

Others tend to idealize the whole experience, choosing only to buy pedigree breeds from unethical breeders to meet a certain erroneous societal standard they believe in. Thinking of only a specific image their pet needs to fulfil – they often overlook the fact that they are now solely responsible for another living, breathing being with very real needs – and medical expenses.

Simply put, pet parenthood is not meant for everyone. It’s important to understand that animals do not come with return policies, and once adopted, you have a lifetime commitment to them. Their lives are not for us to jeopardize on a whim. Contrary to popular belief, it takes much more than being an animal lover to raise a healthy, happy and active pet responsibly.


How do you know when you’re ready for the journey of pet parenthood? 

  • When providing the best possible life for your adopted pet is your priority, overlooking breed or any other factor
  • When you fully comprehend that you are responsible for another living, breathing being who is entirely dependent on you
  • When you are prepared to give them a permanent home, loving and caring for them for the rest of their lives, and only in extenuating circumstances if you are unable to continue to care for them, you are prepared to rehome them carefully and responsibly
  • When you have the financial capability to afford their lifetime nutritional and medical expenses as well as any supplies they might need
  • When you’re ready to devote the time and attention it takes into raising and training your pet with utmost patience
  • When you understand that living with pets, specifically dogs, means relinquishing a certain amount of flexibility in your schedule and travel, especially if you live alone
  • When you believe that a pet is no less of a family member and you consider their best interests while making any life decisions that may impact them
  • When you know, you will only employ kindness towards them and aim to develop a strong relationship built on trust

And finally, when you can’t wait to experience one of the most beautiful bonds to exist!


Are you looking to grow your family with a fur baby? Adopt from Friendicoes!

If you have done your research, spoken to friends and family who are pet parents, and are fully prepared to raise and care for a pet, we urge you to consider adopting from one of our shelters. Countless animals are just waiting for a chance at a better life and to be matched with their forever families – allow them to meet and win you over! While it might not seem so significant to you in the grander scheme of things, remember that your decision to adopt does make a real difference, especially to that pet’s life!

Becoming a pet parent is unarguably one of life’s most rewarding experiences, and being on the receiving end of the love, loyalty and companionship they offer is truly unmatched. So we leave you with this – while opening your home and your heart to a fur baby will quite possibly be the best decision you ever make, ensure you’re equipped for what’s coming! Happy pet-parenting! Life only gets paw-fect from here 🙂