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The working equines receive a gift


22 May 2017

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The working equines receive a gift

Recently the Friendicoes Seca Mobile Equine Clinic received a gift that means more animals are going to benefit from the program. Our friend and supporter from Australia, Animal Aid Abroad has made it possible with their generous sponsorship to hire three new field paravets to assist the Mobile Equine team. Not only that, AAA has also provided two motorbikes for the field paravets to travel to interior areas so that more distressed animals get help.

The 4-member Mobile Equine team is stretched to their maximum possible limit taking care of the 1500 animals already under their care in various stands of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan. The cases they attend to are a challenge in themselves without taking into account the prevailing superstitions, lack of awareness and education, poverty level of the owners and the terrible living conditions the animals are subjected to. Hence the need for sensitization, awareness and education has been felt for a very long time. The new field paravets, along with extending medical assistance to the mobile equine team, emergency treatment to animals in pain will also help educate the owners how to take better care of their animals as well as try and sensitize them to the animals needs.

The new members of the team – Salman, Shakir and Nawab have been appointed in Bharatpur (Rajasthan), Agra (Uttar Pradesh) and Mathura/Vrindavan (Uttar Pradesh) respectively where they continue to look after the animals in the absence of the Vet and do follow up treatment under the Vet’s guidance. On an average the paravets attend to 150-200 cases every month apart from organizing awareness camps and educating the local working equine owners. But most importantly these paravets hail from their respective area of operation making the local people more amenable to listening to them.

Animal Aid Abroad, Australia has been an integral part of our Mobile Equine clinic for last many years. They have continuously supported us with fuel sponsorship of the Mobile Equine Ambulance as well as equine sponsorship’s and rescues. Without their help it would have been a bigger struggle to run this program.