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Shop for a cause!


14 April 2017

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Shop for a cause!

Shopping is fun! It can be a great stress reliever, an excellent pass time and for some a passion. But can shopping make a difference?

Last weekend Select City Walk Saket teamed up with Friendicoes once again to tell us Yes! Indeed it can! On the 8th and 9th of April, Select City Walk welcomed it’s patrons to come shop for a cause, at a charity sale to make a difference and support Friendicoes.

With the help of generous donors, we were once again able to pull off a successful sale this year, with most of the merchandise being sold within the first few hours. The sale proved to be bigger and better than last year, with some fabulous goods on offer, all thanks to the support & goodwill that Friendicoes enjoy. Beautiful hand woven rugs from The Rug Republic were the definite show stoppers, along with bags from Armani exchange, candles from Tommy Hilfiger, striking designer bags, paintings, one of a kind jewelry and a delightful array of garments from GAP and well known Indian designers.

Brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Armani, Gap New Fashion, Rug Republic etc. were very munificent in their contribution to the cause and it is their generosity along with all of our donors that made for a successful event. We received beautiful items from our regular supporters, in the form of crockery, ornamentation, home decor, designer clothes, bags and shoes that were the object of many vying customers.

As always, the books attracted a lot of people, with a wide array of topics on display, ranging from self-help, fictions, non-fiction to sci fi fantasy, autobiographies and catering to all age groups. Whole series such as the Twilight series, the Steig Larson trilogy and the Harry Potter compilation were available along with lesser known authors waiting to be discovered among the stacks and find a new home.

The fifty-rupee rummage piles were a real hub of excitement as people got into the spirit of browsing and finding some hidden gems, while the pricier garments, paintings and other artifacts also found many a taker as people shopped guilt free for a good cause.