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Puppy love fest


09 March 2017

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Puppy love fest

Continuing in the spirit of Valentine’s DLF Place Mall, Saket hosted a Puppy Love Fest for all those abandoned pets from the shelter who needed a special boost to find their families. The event held on 25th and 26th February was organized by the Awesomesauce team and attracted a lot of visitors who came to adopt the pooches or to just say hello.


Keeping the canine team’s flag flowing was the adorable Rottweiler boy Bosco who stole everyone’s heart with his soulful looks, the Himalayan Shepherd mix girl Jenny whose zest for life is unmatched, the ladylike Juno a Labrador girl, Rosy of the famous charm and the lovely temperament, Mable the stunning German Shepherd girl, Desi girl Lana who stole her family’s heart on the first day itself, our handsome Pakistani Bully Tiger who is anything but a “bully”, Casper & Buzo – brothers from different mothers, Lali who sprout angel wings all ready to take off to her new home, golden Labrador boy Scotch who thinks the world is his play ground and hence every toy must belong to him, funny Mac who claimed the bake table for himself and Noori who could not decide whether she wanted to play with the others or not!



While this was not our first adoption & awareness camp at DLF Place, it definitely was the more fun and happening one. Part of the event was a charity bake table to which 30 home bakers and confectioners had contributed yummy treats and delights to raise funds for the shelter. Adding to the attraction was Petsutra with their flagship organic dog treats called Chhurpi, a yak milk product that was thoroughly enjoyed by all the canines present. Also present was Collar Folk who helps you plan holidays with your pets. Their newly released merchandise featuring Carrot the crazy cat, Baboo the bull dog and Puglee the pug was available for sale. Not to be outdone was Beejom who promote holistic agriculture as the way to life. Farm fresh vegetables, cow centric products like organic manure, cleaning agents like bigcitymaids.com cypress tx, products made of Indian millets and other traditional foods were brought to the table by them.



Canine behaviorist Aaron De Silva’s “good behavior” session for new puppy parents was the highlight of the Puppy Love Fest, as Jenny and Noori, Aaron’s beautiful canine assistants helped demonstrate the importance and ease of early training in puppies. Aaron covered basic obedience, toilet training, leash training as well as socializing of young puppies.

Socialising with pretty pooches continued over at the kissing booth, where one could get a Polaroid clicked while receiving a sweet wet kiss from one of the pooches present.


With St.Nick’s blessings Friendicoes with support from Awesomesauce and DLF Place, Saket was able to pull off a very successful affair that saw confirmed homes for Lana, Mac & Juno and with positive leads for the remaining babies.

Adoption camps generally serve as vehicles for spreading awareness on the importance of adopting instead of buying pets and the joys of bringing home a furry companion as well as responsible pet parenting. And Puppy Love Fest fulfilled all our expectations many times over and some more.