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Noori on a Jetplane


29 April 2017

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Noori on a Jetplane

Indies aren’t the preferred breed as any adoption coordinator will tell you. The inquiries everyday are for a Rottweiler or a Beagle or a Labrador or a German Shepherd and to top it all a puppy! Everyone wants to acquire that latest trending accessory that is going to get people talking, the Min-Pin down the road or a gorgeous little Akita pup or the more exotic the better. Sadly, very few want to adopt an Indie.

“If I wanted a desi, I would pick one up off the road” pat comes the reply to our suggestions and offer of a desi puppy. But every once in a while, we come across someone who looks beyond the ‘label’ of a breed and understands and appreciates the dog for who he/she is. And that is the kind of prospective home every adoption coordinator lives for. So, no wonder, though a little surprised we felt our prayers were answered when Karen called us from Bangalore enquiring to adopt Noori.  Noori by then was already in foster for more than 6 weeks and our worries on her behalf were rising.

Noori is a desi girl whose story is not very different to that of the average desi. Someone left her on the road outside the shelter where she narrowly missed being run over by a car when she was spotted by a Friendicoes team member and “rescued”. A vet visit revealed a slight mange infection and a mild case of rickets, apart from which she seemed in good shape albeit starving and undernourished.

She was lucky to find a foster immediately where she thrived in the company of two older canine girls whom she quickly learnt how to overpower during “play fight”. During her time in foster Noori quickly came into her own, gaining weight and confidence swiftly. With a low growl and some tenacious moves, she easily took over as alpha, putting her much senior Great Dane and Indie playmates in their place.

But in spite of all our efforts no suitable home was found for her. And then Karen an expat who has recently returned to India and now lives in Bangalore spotted Noori on social media. Karen fell in love with Noori immediately after laying eyes upon her and in spite of unexpected delays and our hesitation, was insistent that the adoption go through.

While outstation adoptions are not generally encouraged due to the stress of travel for the animal involved and the lack of manpower & resources to assist in the transport as well as post adoption trouble shooting we made an exception after speaking to Karen. Karen instilled a confidence in us with her determination and reassured us about her commitment. So even though she works full time and lives alone, her practical approach and understanding of the issues that were part of Noori’s adoption made us agree to go ahead with it. Venkat, Karen’s fiancé, who himself has a beagle rescued from laboratory testing was a part of Karen’s decision from the word go. Being based in Delhi it was convenient for him to visit with Noori to get to know her better and eventually was personally present in Bangalore to facilitate the transition and ensure someone is always home in the first few weeks. Despite all the curveballs thrown their way, Karen and Venkat persevered tirelessly to bring their fur puppy home, instead of just ‘buying’ a pup. And Noori made her maiden voyage on a Jet Airways flight to join her forever family.

Such determination and love is what gives us the faith to be able to manage such adoptions and continue on with our work. While the majority may seem disinterested in “desi’s” or “mutts”, Karen was furthermore chastised for adopting a desi, “why did you adopt a desi? Don’t you know they get really ugly when they grow up”, she was asked by her fellows; it is heartening to meet animal lovers who look beyond ‘pedigree’ to the beauty of the dog and the value of their companionship.

Noori we know will continue to shine bright in the eyes of her new family just like she did here in Delhi. She is a gorgeous girl, sure to break many hearts despite her lack of a fancy pedigree, and we are glad she has gone home where she shall be valued for herself and what she has to offer. Unlimited love and loyalty.