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Made in India


29 September 2016

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Made in India

“the greatness of a nation can be judged by the way it’s animals are treated”

Mahatma Gandhi

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It’s Gandhi Jayanti and what better way to pay tribute than to celebrate our Desi babies. So this week is dedicated to our desis/Indies. We have two events lined up for the Indie babies on 2nd October.


Alert, intelligent and sturdy, Pariah dogs and mongrels/mutts are one of the most reliable and honest companion, very protective and caring of their families. They are quick learners and easily trained. However they do need careful and responsible socialising.


So in honour of them Friendicoes is organizing a Desi March for our desi babies at Raahigiri on 2nd Oct from 6am to 9am as part of DaanUtsav week. You will see a lot of desi pets walking with their families in support of adopting a desi. Later in the day from 4pm to 7pm is the SwaDesi Dog – a behavior session only for desi dogs by Canine Behaviorist Adnan Khan at K9 School.

The entire proceeds (from your registration fee) will go to Friendicoes as a donation.

So all your proud parents of desi/Indie babies please join us on The Desi March (India Gate) as well as at the SwaDesi Dog session (Chattarpur Farms).

To participate in the march write to

To register for the session behavior session visit the link below. You can bring your desi baby along for the session and can even attend without one.

Register your spot here:

Please fill up the following form for reserving a spot:

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