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Kitty Cat Christmas


06 January 2017

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Kitty Cat Christmas

We are a country of superstitions. From time immemorial we have believed in the black arts, witch craft, ill omens and what not. And cats feature in every one of these superstitions. Whether it is close association with witches or just crossing the road, these creatures can do no good.


The Brigitte Bardot foundation however believes differently, and this Christmas they have played Santa to our beautiful purry friends with this beautiful cat house! Last Christmas it was the dogs that benefited from Santa’s largess. So this time it was only fair that the cats were the recipients. Chock full of exciting cat toys, scratch boards and structures/features to climb, accouterments to keep the felines entertained and happy while they recover/recuperate and wait their forever homes. It was indeed the best Christmas ever for the kitties!



While the sanctuary cats have space and enrichment to climb, and the cattery is dotted with little cat houses to play hide & seek or snuggle up for a nap, the cats in the hospital have to make do with cages due to lack of space. Unlike dogs they do not even get the opportunity to go for a nice stroll in the evening. Surrounded by sick, howling dogs it is not the happiest existence for the cats in the hospital. This Christmas however they have had all their wishes come to fruition thanks to the Brigitte Bardot foundation.


While toys, treats, play area and interactive play sessions may not seem as important as basic necessities such as shelter and food, they are necessary for the mental and morale well-being of the animals, as well as for behavioral reasons.
However such ‘luxuries’ along with behavioral training and grooming etc are things that tend to get overlooked by animal shelters in favor of more pressing substantial needs. But we cannot deny that they are deserving of some much needed pampering. Hence this gift is all the more appreciated and treasured.


You can also brighten the life of shelter animals by buying them treats and toys, helping find them homes or just volunteering your time at the shelter.