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It's doggy's day out - things to do with your dog in the city!


09 June 2023

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It’s doggy’s day out – things to do with your dog in the city!

As pet parents, we all want to give our dogs the happiest and best possible life, including exploring new places and activities together. While we can fulfil our quota of city adventures on a whim, our dogs are mostly restricted to our homes and neighbourhoods. And although there are enough indoor activities to sustain and enrich them, everyone could do with a day out!

To make it easier for you to plan your next doggy’s day out – we have compiled a list of things to do with your dog in the city that will ensure an engaging and tiring day out for both of you.

Whether you have an energy-filled pup, an older dog who needs additional stimulation, or a reactive dog who requires stress-free surroundings, you can choose from an array of low to high-energy activities that are both beneficial for their mental and physical development as well as conducive for your bonding.


Go on a morning hike

Instead of the daily, predictable walk, change up their exercise schedule (and yours!) for a scenic early morning hike. They’ll be as busy as bees with new scents to smell and new territories to mark. The Aravalli Biodiversity Park in Gurgaon and the Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary in Delhi are popular hiking spots that allow dogs. Just be sure to carry enough water and snacks for you and your pet, and always keep them on a leash.


Plan a puppy picnic

Good food, open spaces and afternoon naps – what could be better? In the cooler months, picnics are an excellent option for sunny frisbee, fetch and fun. Nehru Park and Sunder Nursery in Delhi are dog-friendly, and their sprawling lawns ensure you can secure a reasonably secluded spot to lounge and relax. If you’re one to go the extra mile, make it a playdate with your dog’s best friends and watch the cuteness overload ensue!


Explore pet-friendly cafes

If you are a foodie and like to explore new cafes, why not take your dog along? It gives them a chance to experience a new environment, and you can put their training to the test. There are several pet-friendly cafes in Delhi NCR – some of the popular ones include Puppychino, Cafe Dori and The Palette in Chattarpur, Fig at Museo, Blue Tokai and Cafe Soul Garden in Gurgaon, and Bark Street in Noida. While some offer dog-friendly menus, others will gladly whip up something suitable upon request.


A trip to the pet store

Once in a while, rather than having your dog spoiled for choice with the hoards of toys and chews you can’t help but bring home, let them tag along to the pet store with you and zero in on what catches their attention the most. You may even be surprised to learn their choice. The only thing to remember is that dogs can’t see price tags!


Swim day

Over the last few years, many pet-friendly farms have cropped up offering pool days for your pets. Living in a city like Delhi, our dogs are rarely exposed to open waters, and seeing them make their first splashes can be quite the sight. Puppychino in Chattarpur Farms and Tail Club in Sector 59, Gurgaon, are among your varied options.


Attend dog-friendly events

Several events in the city now allow you to bring your furry friend along. From open-air movie nights to heritage walks, there are multiple options to choose from. While they may not all be specifically designed keeping pets in mind, it’s great to have the option to experience cultural events with like-minded individuals and their four-legged kids! Keep an eye out on your local booking platforms for the latest updates around you.


Go on a staycation

If you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, then a staycation might be the perfect way to unwind. Several hotels in Delhi NCR allow you to bring your dogs along, and if you’d like to make a road trip out of it, there are several options in the outskirts of the city and its surrounding areas as well. Offering a change of scenery for you and your pup is a good way to break the mundane routine.


Visit a dog shelter

Making new friends and spending quality time with shelter animals is a plus in our book. Taking your dog to a nearby shelter can be an invaluable experience for you both and the animals at the shelter who always welcome new visitors. Just be sure to check with your local shelter to see if they can accommodate the visit!


Go on a drive

If your dog is among those who willingly leaps into any vehicle and enjoys car rides, both long and short, then a drive around the city might be the perfect outing for them. Take them to scenic locations like India Gate or Central Delhi and let them enjoy the sights and sounds of the city from the safety of your car. If they’re not good with extensive external stimulation, you can opt for a long drive out of the city and into nearby, less-populated field areas.

Whether long or short, indoor or outdoor, any activity is mentally stimulating for your dog. At the end of the day, no one knows your dog better than you do, and only you can decide what sort of activity would be best suited for their temperament. Our only advice for anyone who frequently takes their dogs out would be to follow all designated rules for specified areas to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for all those present – animals and people alike.


Here’s to happy dogs who will (hopefully) sleep like logs!


Disclaimer: This blog is in no way sponsored by any of the aforementioned parks, sanctuaries, dining establishments or farms. Their names have been cited solely for reference purposes.