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Hope anchors the soul


19 January 2017

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Hope anchors the soul



His is not an unusual case. There have been cases like this before and there will be more cases like this again we know. It all boils down to the fact that equines in India are put to work very early in life without letting them grow or attain maturity, they are overloaded and proper shoeing is very rare. The result is bone deformity, ring bone formation, laminitis and many other joint, bone and hoof related problems.


So when a call on the helpline led the Friendicoes team to an abandoned horse in east Delhi with a very painful wound no one was very surprised. The poor soul was in abject misery. Proper examination revealed that he had ring bone formation and for quite some time now. The owner must have tried treating him with a quack who applied hot iron rod – the standard age old form of treatment for all bone and joint problems in horses in India. The result is even more pain as the hot iron rod ends up leaving burn wounds on the skin and flesh. The horse is unable to walk, only slightly able to drag himself making him useless for any kind of work which is why he was abandoned.


Rooh as we call him now is now recuperating at the Friendicoes Gurgaon Sanctuary where he is getting the best medical care available monitored by caregivers round the clock. He will never work again, and will live his remaining days enjoying good food, sun and the wind on his face.

The Friendicoes mobile equine team rescues many such horses & donkeys every month. It has been possible thanks to the support from Animal Aid Abroad who has been a consistent friend and sponsor. We hope to be able to reach out to more animals in need and distress in the new year.

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