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Feeding street dogs in netaji nagar


12 July 2019

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Feeding street dogs in netaji nagar

Till a few months ago Netaji Nagar in the hub of Delhi was a bustling residential area made up of government housing accommodation for people working in government offices, a few shops and even a college. And like all residential colonies Netaji Nagar had it’s own share of stray animals – dogs, cats and even a few monkeys. A few resident animal lovers would throw scraps and the animals would scavenge in dustbins and back lanes and survive.

But things changed when the houses were pulled down to make way for high rises. The humans left and the place transformed into a ghost town with the animals left behind with nothing to eat or scavenge. A couple of kind people made individual efforts but the sheer number of animals and the huge area made it impossible for them to manage on their own. The 45 degree summer temperature added to the misery of the animals who wandered around for hours, hungry and thirsty, looking for sustenance and on the brink of collapse due to dehydration. So when Friendicoes was approached for help there was no question of refusing.

The team started with feeding 20 dogs on the first day and ended by cooking for a little over 200 dogs and around 20-22 cats. Along with food drinking water is also provided at specific points for the animals to help them battle the heat.

Additionally a spay/neuter & vaccine drive is also being run simultaneously to ensure the population is controlled and healthy. So far 40 dogs have been sterilized & vaccinated. A couple of very old ones have been permanently moved to the Friendicoes lifetime care sanctuary.

Demolition debris and carelessly lying construction material also means a few of the dogs have sustained injuries. We amputated and released back two of the dogs who had badly cut their legs on broken shards of glass and the wounds festered and were too far gone by the time we managed to get hold of them for treatment.

Thanks to 3 committed volunteers and some online support Friendicoes managed to start the program successfully but to continue feeding and looking after these animals help is desperately needed. We are committed to looking after them as long as required: till the new buildings come up and people start moving back into the colony. But that is at least a year away from now. Maybe more.

If you would like to help us and leave a donation for the Netaji Nagar dogs click on Donate.