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Equine retirement home


12 March 2018

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Equine retirement home

Here at Friendicoes we believe that hard work should be rewarded, no matter what species you are. For many years now, we have had a running agreement with the Delhi Mounted Police to offer an ‘Equine Retirement Home’ for all retired police horses, so that they can live out their senior years free from duties and hardship. After serving us tirelessly their whole lives, these majestic creatures deserve the best care in their twilight years, and we consider it an honour to be the medium that provides this.

After over two decades in service, Chetak can finally live a life of leisure. 

Last week, our Lifetime Care Sanctuary welcomed five beautiful senior horses. Badhshah. Chetak, Feroz, Shiva and Nakul will live out the rest of their days in each other’s company, unleashed and unharnessed, reminiscing under the open skies with the breeze in their face. While they are each over 20 years old, our new residents are in good health and will enjoy their own attendants, who will groom them everyday and see to their wellbeing.

Feroz (left) and Shiva (right) settling into a new chapter of life at the Friendicoes Lifetime Care Sanctuary

As many will know, the care of a horse is far from cheap. Looking after one horse costs around 9000 INR ($140 USD) each month, and with almost 60 equines currently in our care the bills are ever increasing. But we will never compromise on the quality of food and care, and this is only possible due to the continuous support of the public and our friends all around the world.

Nakul (above) and Badshah (below) getting to know their new handlers 

For more information on how to support our Lifetime Care Sanctuary, check out our online donations page.