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Cooking with cow dung


05 March 2018

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Cooking with cow dung

A Special Donation.

We are proud to announce that Friendicoes is now using cow dung to partially fuel the cooking at the Friendicoes Lifetime Care Sanctuary in Gurgaon! Thanks to a generous donation from S&P Global, we were able to buy the correct machinery required to make cow dung logs to use as cooking fuel.

Why use cow dung as a cooking fuel?

You might be wondering, why are we so excited about cow dung? Well, our Sanctuary in Gurgaon is home to a huge number of rescued cattle, and so cow dung is an abundantly available resource that was previously untapped. By using cow dung to make cooking fuel we’re reducing our costs, alleviating pressure on firewood usage, better disposing of animal waste and using a sustainable and renewable energy resource. And that makes us very happy indeed!

To see a video of the process in action, visit the Friendicoes Facebook page.