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Community efforts to spay/neuter in uttarakhand


10 October 2018

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Community efforts to spay/neuter in uttarakhand

Birth Control is an important step towards a world where the man-animal conflicts are reduced to a minimum. At Friendicoes-SECA, it is our constant effort to keep the dog population under control in not just Delhi, but also the neighbouring regions. We have put together a team of highly skilled and passionate experts who can take our ABC program far and wide.

Our team recently journeyed to Shyamkhet, Bhowali (Nainital district) for the 6th ABC program in Uttarakhand. The team of 8 people successfully sterilised 136 dogs between 4th October, 2018 and 10th October, 2018.

The team included vet Dr Nand Kishore, paravets Pratap and Gopal, dog catchers Prakash, Prem and Shiva, and diver Mahendra.

Typically such programs are made possible when someone from the local community takes the initiative and provides support like a room that can be used as the operation theatre, helping in tracking down and catching downs, and making arrangements for our team to stay. This time it was Shri Tilak Veer Nanda and Ms Nandita who invited us to sterilize the stray dogs they look after in Shyamkhet.

The treatment includes sterilisation, post-op care (3 days), and anti-rabies vaccination. This edition also saw local residents participating enthusiastically by bringing in the stray dogs they look after to the camp.

A big “Bhow Wow!” from #TeamFriendicoes to the people of Shyamkhet, Bhowali for taking the initiative to arrange for this drive, and improving their relationship with animals! We hope other communities in and around North India also take similar measures and help achieve our dream of a happier world for animals and humans alike.