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Bhoop Singh’s story


05 March 2018

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Bhoop Singh’s story

This is Bhoop Singh’s story. She was born on the streets of Gurgaon. As a 3 month old puppy she met an accident and was brought to Friendicoes for treatment. That was in the winter of 2014. For the next 6 months of her life, Bhoop Singh lived at the shelter. After making a full recovery, this gorgeous Desi girl become a permanent part of the Friendicoes pack.

But Bhoop Singh was not satisfied. She aimed higher and sought to find a home for herself. Yes! Bhoop Singh carefully weighed up her options, and made her own choice by following our resident vet home. Not once. Not twice, not even three times.

No less than thirteen times was Bhoop Singh was sent back to the shelter, but her determination won her what her heart desired. Her tenacity was rewarded, and Bhoop Singh is now a much loved and happy girl with a family of her own.

Doesn’t a good success story make you feel all warm and fuzzy?