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Adoptions 2015!


03 January 2016

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Adoptions 2015!

Year 2015 wasn’t too bad with adoptions at the shelter.

We managed to re-home 102 dogs/puppies and 37 odd cats/kittens!

While the number in itself is not significant compared to the number of animals that come into the shelter what is definitely worth considering is that out of the 102 dog/puppy adoptions 52 are Indies. This shows that the tide is changing for the better for our amazing Indies who make the best choice in pets for our extreme weather conditions.

The 52 adopted Indies included 3 adults in the age group of 1.6 years and couple of them around 8-10 months old. We also managed to re-home 2 puppies in Canada thanks to the group Desi Dogs in Vancouver who took full responsibility of transport and other logistics. There were also a few senior dogs adopted like 8 years old blind Spaniel girl Abby and Deli, another 8 years old Spaniel girl suffering from rickets and 7 years old Labrador Chance suffering from a whole host of health problems. It gives us heart when people come forward to adopt these special babies who deserve and need us even more.

Luckily the shelter does not see as many cats/kittens compared to their canine cousins so the adoption rate for felines is much better. Moreover a city lifestyle in apartments is more conducive to cats as pets than dogs who are high maintenance.

Hopefully 2016 sees a lot more adoptions and and more people coming forward to adopt our brave-heart Indies.




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