A new haven for the cool cats of Delhi/NCR – Friendicoes

A new haven for the cool cats of Delhi/NCR


10 August 2019

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A new haven for the cool cats of Delhi/NCR

The ‘Cat Mahal’, a planned cattery designed for the ease and comfort of cats, at the Friendicoes lifetime care sanctuary in Gurgaon, Haryana was inaugurated a few weeks back. The place is home to over a 100 cats & kittens.

For almost two decades the Friendicoes lifetime care sanctuary has been a haven to a lot of abandoned & rescued cats & kittens. The first one of its kind cat shelter in Delhi/NCR the number of resident cats here has steadily increased over the years to the present count of 112. With the addition of the active Gurgaon Helpline for distressed animals more cats started pouring into the sanctuary in recent years apart from the ones coming in from the city shelter in Delhi. This led to a need for a bigger, better and a medically equipped space for the feline residents.

The old building was falling apart and needed extensive renovation work. So the best suggestion was to pull down the whole structure and build a well designed cat friendly place. Thanks to the support & generosity of the Marchig Trust, Friendicoes was able to realize our dream for the cats. With well ventilated rooms, play pens, enrichments, and an enclosed outdoor garden area with lots of light and a fully equipped clinic cum hospital with a separate quarantine area the new home for the cats is all that can be wished for and more.

The building is made up of two floors. Each floor has rooms for the cats which are furnished with small colorful wooden huts, scratch posts, swings, toys and every kind of enrichment to keep the residents happy and stimulated. The caregivers’ quarters are also located inside the new building ensuring the cats never lack company and are supervised round the clock.

And the best part? Volunteers are welcome to visit, cuddle the kitties, groom them & shower them with attention & affection and also help add to the present enrichments. In return you are assured a dose of the best “cat therapy” around.

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To volunteer write to volunteers.friendicoes@gmail.com