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A hand for the paw: Giving them a happy life


09 June 2023

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A hand for the paw: Giving them a happy life

We frequently hear people dismiss pets as “just” animals as if their importance to our lives were negligible. They are completely wrong, though! Many of us are aware of the benefits of pet ownership, particularly the companionship and amazing bonds that form between us and our furry pets.

More people than ever are banding together to support animals globally today. Do you know that there are around 2,000 searches for pet adoptions in India each hour? Our world may not change because of animal rescue, but it certainly changes for that animal!


Why adopt?

There are countless joyful, healthy creatures ready to be adopted from animal shelters and rescue organizations. All year long, animal shelters like ours provide puppies and kittens for adoption. Adopting a pet is more common now than buying one.

Even though over 100 animals are being rehomed at Friendicoes, adoptions are still very few compared to the number of animals left behind each year. The vast majority of animals in shelters are there because there is a significant dearth of accessible veterinary care, cheap, pet-friendly housing, and other conditions that call for systemic, long-term reform.

So you should adopt if you want to support the cause. Remember that many of the animals in the shelter lived in loving homes while we try to keep pets and their families together. They may even arrive at your home house-trained or prepared to live with other pets.


What kind of pets can you adopt in India?

In India, as in most other nations, dogs and cats are the two most common types of pets. But India also has many other popular pet options.

  • Dogs are a common choice for a pet because of their dedication, unconditional affection, and guarding traits.
  • Even though there are many superstitions, 34% of modern Indians now own a cat, making cats a common pet choice.
  • Additionally, rabbits are wonderful pets, particularly for city inhabitants who are always on the move due to employment.
  • Because they don’t take up much space and are simple to care for, smaller pets like guinea pigs are becoming more and more common in India.
  • Cute and cuddly, hamsters too are wonderful pets for many individuals and are yet another well-liked option in India.
  • Birds, fish, and ferrets are some other easily manageable choices for pets.


Help a pet in need

Here are some steps that will help you get started on the adoption of a pet:

  • Our adoption team observes, interacts and understands the animals at the shelter before they recommend one for adoption;
  • We genuinely believe owning a pet should involve the entire family because the animal’s welfare depends on it. Hence, when you show interest in adopting a pet, we arrange a home visit to determine whether your family is ready for a pet and, if necessary, to provide you with preparation support;
  • We will help you through the adoption process and give you all the information you need, making it easier for you to care for your adopted pet even if you haven’t had much experience with animals or are a first-time pet parent.
  • And the next best part of adopting a pet from Friendicoes is that we spay/neuter all pets free of cost!

Our responsibility doesn’t end here. After the formalities of adoption are finished, we stay in touch with the family to offer counseling and support during any hiccups to ensure successful adoption.


Take a pet promise!

Adopting a pet guarantees you a lifetime best friend and unconditional love! So it’s only fair that you promise to put forth a decent amount of time and effort, as well as to adapt your schedule and way of life to make this relationship work.

  • Promise to give your pet the best care possible, whenever it is needed, for the rest of their life;
  • Promise to feed your pet a balanced diet for optimum health and to keep them at the ideal weight;
  • Promise to give your pet the necessary training or behavior modification so that they can be a welcoming member of the community;
  • Promise to give your pet plenty of outlets for their off-leash runs and walks, explore the outdoors, trick trains, play with other animals, and make it all an enjoyable and rewarding experience for them;

And most of all, promise that you won’t abandon your pet if you are unable to care for them for any reason. Promise to rehome them or place them in a shelter. So what are you waiting for?

Let the cuddles and treats begin!