The Equine Clinic on wheels – Friendicoes

The Equine Clinic on wheels

Friendicoes doors are not open just to dogs and cats, but to all creatures big and small. Our mobile veterinary equine clinic serves working donkeys, mules, ponies and horses across rural areas from Delhi to Agra, including Jewar, Ballabgarh, Faridabad, Bharatpur and Mathura, Brindavan. Under this program Friendicoes also addressed the needs of the poor man whose only livelihood is his working donkey or pony by providing free medical help to over 2000 equines which in turn benefits their families  comprising of 4-8 members each that depend on these equines for their livelihood. 

Apart from providing medical treatment, this clinic-on-wheels also dispenses free medicines, blankets and keens (mattresses), carries out open-air surgery, educates equine owners on best practices for animal well-being, conducts farriery services when required and provides drinking water facilities at stands.

Consisting of a core team of a vet, para vet, and a driver, the equine team also has five field para vets available in their respective areas to help in cases of emergency and to provide ongoing help through the week. They have been provided with motorcycles which allows them to travel in their marked areas to help with follow up treatments and dressings of wounds and they alert the vet if any patient’s condition deteriorates or is serious, allowing for a quick intervention by the vet.