Spay/Neuter Program

Hundreds of puppies die on the streets every single day.

In a country where the number of stray dogs roaming the streets is a topic of debate and concern, spay/neuter is the way to go ahead believes Friendicoes. India has millions of stray dogs roaming the streets of every town, village and city.

Hundreds of puppies are born on the streets and die under cars or fall prey to predators every day. There are not enough homes to adopt or shelter these street residents. Hence the only humane way to control this figure and ensure a healthy street dog population is the ABC (Animal Birth Control) program or what is commonly known as the sterilization program.

The term “spay” refers to the sterilization of female dogs by means of removing the reproductive organs. While the term “neuter” is more commonly used for the castration of male dogs but can also be used to describe the sterilization of females.

Spayed animals per year