Rescue & Rehabilition – Friendicoes

Rescue & Rehabilition

The Friendicoes rescue services run from 9am to 6pm both in Gurugram and Delhi NCR.

We record an average of 70/75 calls a day hence the Helpline is often busy and we often seek your assistance in bringing the animal to either our Gurugram or the Delhi shelters for medical care and help through your own means.

Still, given time constraints and traffic conditions, we do our best to reach as many animals as possible. This ambulance service has allowed us to attend to hit-and-run cases, along with maggot wounds and gravely sick animals in extreme cases of dehydration and collapse.

We pick up the animal from its locality, bring them to our hospital cum shelter in either Gurgaon or South Delhi for treatment, and return the animal to its neighbourhood once the treatment and healing period is complete. We urge rescuers and reporters to use their own transport or private ambulances to transport the animal to our clinics for quicker assistance.

Until recently, we also operated a night clinic for pet emergencies and a night-time ambulance service. Both services, however, have been indefinitely suspended due to financial constraints. Given the dire need for this service in our city, we are looking to raise funds to allow us to restart the night ambulance service. If this programme is something you, as an individual or an organisation, would like to sponsor, we would love to hear from you. Meanwhile two experienced paravets or vet-nurses are available for emergency treatment up till 10pm at the shelter clinic in Delhi.