Rajasthan’s state animal in distress – Friendicoes

Rajasthan's state animal in distress

Friendicoes has been rescuing camels in Gurgaon, Haryana for several years, these being camels brought in for giving rides to children or for fairs and pageantry. Unfortunately, sometimes they get hit and run or contract the deadly mange fatal to camels and so the owners leave them behind or abandon them by the roadside to fend for themselves. These camels are then rescued and brought to our Gurgaon Sanctuary. 

Also the Raika or the Rabaris a specialized camel breeding caste in Rajasthan lost their subsidy from the Rajasthan government and the camels began to be smuggled out of the state for slaughter and meat till there was a crackdown. As a result a lot of camels were abandoned. To stop this and save the camels Friendicoes began a very fledgeling project in Shaitrawa, Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Currently 43 rescued camels are provided shelter and are being taken care of at this centre.