City Shelter – Friendicoes

City Shelter

The Friendicoes centre in Delhi serves the dual purpose of a shelter as well as a hospital. Due to it’s location, in the center of South Delhi, plus being easily accessible from East, West, North Delhi as well as Gurgaon & Noida, the place is always spilling over with more animals than there is space.

Being the first shelter, over 35 years old, this Friendicoes center is well known in the city and hence sees the maximum influx of animals than any other shelter. Apart from abandoned & lost pets, sick strays, the occasional bird and monkey in distress also make their way to Friendicoes Delhi shelter.

At any point of time the place has around 150-200 animals in residence. Most of them are in transit, recuperating from injuries or sickness before going back to their respective areas. Only a few permanent residents call this center home.

Spay/neutering of stray dogs is also carried out here on a smaller scale. It also functions as the adoption center for all Friendicoes animals.

A team of vets and paravets attends to about 80 cases in the OPD every day Friendicoes City Shelter in New Delhi The Delhi shelter provides a place for recuperation to all the sick and injured strays who have nowhere to go Friendicoes City Shelter in New Delhi Patients waiting for their turn outside the Friendicoes OPD Friendicoes City Shelter in New Delhi