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Be a foster, save lives

One of the most significant ways, or perhaps the most meaningful way, to support an organisation like ours is to join our network of foster homes. It truly is a matter of life and death since shelters can often be high-risk zones for infections and pets or pedigrees are more vulnerable to secondary infections in our hospitals. As such by signing up as a foster, you can potentially save two lives at once – first of the animal you have taken under your care and the second for the animal that we can now accept at the shelter through the space you helped create.

Here are a few things to note if you’re considering opening your home as a temporary haven:

  • The minimum foster period we would require is three weeks – the longer, the better, since continuously moving the animal can be disorienting and confusing for them
  • You need to be fairly strong-hearted – fostering is not for everyone. As a foster, you need to be able to stay slightly detached from the animal under your wing, or else you’ll be in for a whole lot of heartbreak

That said, there is truly no greater satisfaction than being able to contribute towards saving a life, and fostering is just that. We hope to see you join our network of foster heroes!